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Pogliano Flexible Packaging - Italy

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Our company produces flexible films for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries with a quick turn-around and in variable quantities.

Our production cycles are specially designed for processing materials such as plastic, paper, aluminium and special films.

Pogliano Flexible Packaging

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Manufacturing technology

Our films are suitable for sealing plastic tubs (top lids), making plastic bags (flow pack), for horizontal and vertical wrapping machines, suitable for use in vacuum packing, modified atmospheres, thermal cycles and freezing.

Our materials are printed using Flexo HD technology, with solvent-based or water-based inks.

Water- or solvent-based lamination can be carried out in strips or sections, depending on whether the client requires transparent windows, easily separated layers or special permeable properties.

Registration is done using both flexo and gravure technology. We apply matte varnishes, wood effects, cold sealing and heat sealing. Special varnish coatings of greater thickness provide an effective barrier against gases, H2O, temperature as well as water absorption and UV rays. We use single-run (no registration) hot needle perforation systems, both on plastic film and laminated film (bread/breadsticks/coffee capsules/cheese/salad).

We can emboss aluminium surfaces with any design our customers choose.

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